What about homeschool programs offered through my school district?

Some homeschoolers choose to participate in a local school district homeschool program. These
programs vary between school districts. Programs often include consultation, enrichment classes, and some financial support.

You should be aware that by participating in these programs, you are legally enrolling in a Public lternative School. Your school district receives Full Time Enrollment (FTE) funding for your child, and you come under the public alternative school laws (WAC 392-121-182), not the homeschool law. You do not file a declaration of intent to homeschool. Depending on your district, parents may be given flexibility over curriculum choices, but ultimately the school district is in control.

They are responsible and accountable for your child's education. For a detailed comparison between homeschooling and Public Alternative Education programs, visit the WHO web site at: www.washhomeschool.org/whoAltEd.html.

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